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  • Single and multistage

  • Integrally geared design

  • Separate gear design

  • Design in according to API 617 and 672

Application of our compressors

  • Ammonia and Urea plant (atomization and N2 start up compressor)

  • Methanol plant (N2 start up compressor)

  • SRU plant (combustion air compressor)

  • Sulphur Acid production plant (air compressor)

  • Mechanical vapor recompression

  • Plastic production plant (PET, PVC etc. )

  • Steel production plant (air for  furnace)

  • Waste water treatment (air for oxygenation pool)

Why prefer a centrifugal compressor

  • Compact design smaller footprint

  • Higher efficiency, lower power consumption

  • Process control with IGV and DGV to have a constant outlet pressure at any flow

  • Compressor skid delivered ready for operation, low installation and commissioning cost

  • Together with compressor, IndustrieCBI can supply compressors accessories:

  • Noise hood, inlet and outlet silencers for noise reduction

  • Inlet filter with venturi for flow measurements

  • UCP for complete compressor handling linked with the existing DCS/ESD

  • Cabinet only for anti surge protection

  • Intercooler and aftercooler to reduce outlet temperature

  • IGV and DGV for performance control

  • Blow off system including blow off valve and blow off silencer


ventilatore doppio stadio API 673

portata: 729.000 m3/h - potenza 1250 kw

ventilatore doppio stadio API 673

portata: 250.000 m3/h - potenza 200 kw

portata: 250.000 m3/h - potenza 200 kw

ventilatori centrifughi

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