Industrial axial fans

CBI Group is specialised in crafting industrial axial fans. Every model of this series is designed to meet the most diverse installation and operational needs, ensuring the highest performance and utmost durability.

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The Main Advantages Of Our Industrial Axial Fans

Among the CBI Group’s products, our industrial axial fan series are pre-eminent as for engineering, structure and versatility. Wherever they are installed, these models thrive for their durability and constant high-performance, demonstrating our commitment to design blowers that meet specific requirements and operating conditions. 


The sturdiness of their body and the attention to detail are the pillars of our production. Our industrial axial fans feature mono-directional or reversible blades that are available with airfoil profiles that can also adapt to civil ventilation systems. 


In addition, the modular nature of the design allows different assembly depending on the technical specifications of each application. As a result, every CBI Group industrial axial fan can be customised to enhance air management, guaranteeing excellent system performance.

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Our Comprehensive Series of Industrial Axial Flow Fan


CBI Group has developed a comprehensive range of industrial axial flow fan, each with distinctive features and device integration.


Here you can find some of our products. 


The GAT Series provides a solid product. It features airfoil profile blades and transmission coupling, encapsulating the best characteristics for scenarios that require moderate flow rates (50,000 m³/h) and pressure handling (600 Pa). This industrial axial fan is ideal for applications that reach temperatures up to 180°C.


Our AXL series can deal with a pressure up to 5,000 Pa and flow rates up to 830,000 m³/h. Furthermore, AXL is an integrated device that can be used for forcing the evacuation of smoke and heat in case of emergency. 


The EFA line of industrial axial fans is equipped with airfoil blades and a direct drive system in order to optimise these blowers for ventilation tasks in civil and industrial environments. Its high-pressure capability (1,800 Pa) and impressive flow rates (480,000 m³/h) have established it as an excellent choice for the most challenging applications.



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Why CBI Group is a Leading Industrial Axial Fan Manufacturer

If you are searching a Made in Italy industrial axial fans for your ventilation system, look no further. 


CBI Group is a well-established manufacturer focused on crafting excellent and customer-centric products. Being on the forefront of the blower innovation, our team of highly qualified engineers is specialized in designing solutions based on the requirements of each client. 


We manufacture models that reflect our curious attitude towards the most advanced technology, showing our eagerness to learn and improve axial fans piece-by-piece, catering the market’s demands and adapting to the ever-evolving nature of ventilation systems. 

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Custom Industrial Axial Fans for Ventilation Systems

CBI Group provides customised solutions based on specific demands and applications. If you are looking for an industrial axial fan for your ventilation system with certain operational requirements, arrange a meeting with our experts to discuss your project thoroughly. 


Talk with our team of highly skilled engineers to turn your project into the blower you are looking for. They will listen to all your specifications to craft a tailor-made fan that matches your requests.


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