Heavy-Duty Industrial Fan


The heavy-duty industrial fans by CBI Group are highly resistant solutions. Their robust structure is designed to tackle even the most demanding applications in intensive production rate contexts.


When it comes to industrial settings with extreme conditions in terms of temperature, dust, and corrosive agents, heavy-duty fans are revealed to be the perfect solution.

At CBI Group, industrial fans are made to stand the test of time providing extraordinary performance even in the most critical situations, managing large air volumes, and high pressure contexts. 


At CBI Group, We Take Care Of Your Operational Needs


For over 60 years, CBI Group has committed to provide the right heavy-duty industrial fan solutions to promptly respond to several operational needs and applications.


Our vast offer encompasses models built with robust and durable materials, such as stainless steel and special alloys. Our fans can be equipped with a sturdy armour and coating to improve the overall durability of the heavy-duty fan


Heavy-Duty Centrifugal Fan


A heavy-duty centrifugal fan is the epitome of efficiency, as it has been engineered to be resilient even in the harshest conditions. 


CBI Group manufactures a number of series that can be personalised to be more aligned with the operational goals of our customers. 

These heavy-duty centrifugal fan models are built to endure even to the most challenging conditions, such as high temperature, dusty or corrosive environments.



Discover our heavy-duty centrifugal fan series



Heavy-Duty Industrial Cooling Fan


Heavy-duty industrial cooling fans are crucial in maintaining optimal temperature conditions in different operational facilities. Like centrifugal fans, these devices can handle large volumes of air to cool and ventilate environments


These systems, which feature a robust motor, are engaged in extracting dust, vapours, fumes and other contaminants.


Air is expelled at a higher speed rate, regulating air quality and circulation for a safer workspace. The quality of this cooling action depends on the size, the speed, and the design of the blades.


Heavy-Duty Industrial Axial Fan

These systems perfectly integrate in industrial contexts thanks to their functionality. The mechanism of heavy-duty industrial axial fans is effective in contexts where high-volume air needs to be moved across large surfaces

The heavy-duty industrial axial fan blades revolve around the axis, drawing air in, and pushing it outwards parallel to the shaft. A heavy-duty industrial axial fan’s efficiency depends on the blade’s shape and width. Thanks to their design, these fans are perfect for ventilation, cooling or exhaust systems.



Discover our heavy-duty industrial axial fans



We Are Heavy-Duty Industrial Exhaust Fan Manufacturers


CBI Group represents a leading heavy-duty industrial fan manufacturer. We provide a broad range of models to manage several applications - from ventilation to cooling, from heating to exhaust operations across large facilities. 


Our production process begins with a modern analysis method (FEM) to assess the quality of the selected materials. FEM is divided into these phases: 

  • Linear elastic and elasto-plastic analysis
  • Fatigue life prediction
  • Rotor dynamic analysis
  • Thermal structure analysis
  • Creep analysis with material characterisation 

Afterwards, precise calculation schemes are studied and developed. Thanks to prototypes, CBI Group can find the most effective design solutions in order to have a prediction of the performance


Every heavy-duty industrial fan can be customised to be more aligned with the needs of the specific sectors. The goal is to listen to the customers’ project preferences in terms of materials, structure, design for long-lasting, and effective performance.


CBI Group also provides after-sales maintenance services, and technical support.


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