Tunnel Fan Ventilation 

A good tunnel fan ventilation is a fundamental element for a proper air ventilation, ensuring the extraction of toxic gases and the control of suspended particles for the full safety of this environment. Read here to learn more about CBI Group tunnel fans models!


Tunnel Fan Ventilation: All The Applications

Tunnel infrastructure is not just about operational efficiency and stability. An effective ventilation system can truly make the difference in ensuring safe evacuation during emergencies and dealing with harmful substances


Whether it is a fan placed in a subway tunnel, the ventilation system of a road tunnel, or the extended reaches of rail tunnels, every setting needs the right fan to provide a proper air management system.


At CBI Group, we understand the nuances of each application. This is why we are able to engineer specific fans for tunnels, so that we can promptly manufacture the best solution to fit in modern infrastructures whilst guaranteeing the utmost quality and durability. 


Subway Tunnels 

The perfect subway tunnel ventilation consists of compact and durable fans that can effectively remove all harmful substances whilst securing the area. 

The Underground, especially in metropolis, is often used as a mean of transport as it can swiftly reach almost every end of the city. To provide a safe space for people coming and going, it is vital that hazardous gases do not stagnate in the subway tunnels.

Therefore, a proper jet and axial fan are the perfect choice for such ventilation systems, as they can handle the high volume of air turnover. Furthermore, they can properly manage smoke in emergency scenarios, guaranteeing impeccable extraction functions.


Road Tunnels

Have you ever been stuck in the traffic? If you have, you know that vehicle fumes and emissions pose a unique urge for clean air and safe areas. 

Jet fans
have become essential in road tunnel ventilation system as they offer a great adaptability. In fact, they can effectively change the direction and intensity of the airflow based on traffic conditions and pollution levels, ensuring just the right amount of air in every situation. Jet fans also remove fumes in case of fire emergencies in road tunnels according to current regulations.


Rail Tunnels

A train traverse many different regions, rural territories and tunnels, too. As for rail tunnel ventilation, the approach needs to be balanced in terms of energy efficiency and effective environmental control


Axial and centrifugal fans are the perfect choice for this type of tunnels, as these devices can move large volumes of air, which is essential for dissipating the heat generated by trains and electrical equipment. Air management is fundamental for mitigating external agents (like humidity and temperature variations) that can compromise the rail tunnel ventilation conditions. 


Discover our axial and jet fans for tunnel ventilation systems.


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CBI Group Is a Tunnel Ventilation Fans Manufacturer

CBI Group is a manufacturer specialised axial and jet fans for tunnel ventilation systems. Harnessing the most advanced technologies and top-tier materials to produce high quality components, we can cater to the needs of the market, providing bespoke solutions for every setting. 


Our products are designed for optimal aerodynamic efficiency. Our tunnel fans are not just reliable devices, but they are systems that can truly enhance the air quality of the tunnel. Their compactness allows them to integrate seamlessly in every context, especially where a smoke extraction operation is required during emergency situations. 


 We can also perform maintenance on tunnel ventilation fans. We offer three types of assistance:

  • an annual service, so that we can monitor the fan performance year by year.

  • a 5-year maintenance service for a long-term assistance.

  • a 10-year support. In this case, we disassemble the fan and we inspect it thoroughly to make sure that all the components work harmoniously as it was the first time.


As a leading tunnel fan manufacturer, every CBI Group model is carefully tested to be compliant with the strictest safety standards, including the EN 12101-3 regulation. Furthermore, they are thermal-resistant, as they can withstand temperatures up to 400°C for two hours.


Discover our axial and jet fans for tunnel ventilation systems.


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Custom Tunnel Fans for Ventilation Systems

CBI Group provides customised solutions based on specific demands and applications. If you are looking for a tunnel fan for your ventilation system with certain operational requirements, arrange a meeting with our experts to discuss your project thoroughly. 


Talk with our team of highly skilled engineers to turn your project into the blower you are looking for. They will listen to all your specifications to craft a tailor-made fan that matches your requests. 


Would you like to know more about our customised tunnel fans solutions for your ventilation systems? 

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The CBI Divisions specialise in offering specific and customised nuclear fans and services. Learn more about our Divisions.


Heavy Duty

The Heavy Duty Division is focused on robust, high-strength, and intensive fan solutions, designed to tackle the most demanding applications.


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The Industrial Division, thanks to a wide range of standard ventilation products, is focused on providing you with the best solutions for your industrial processes.


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The Engineering Division, through a know-how gained in over 60 years, is able to design and manufacture customised industrial centrifugal and axial fans for any of your needs.


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The Infrastructure Division can provide you the most performing ventilation solutions to meet the high standards of the infrastructure sector. 


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Service, Spares & Maintenance

The Service Division is focused on providing qualified assistance services, including:


  • Support in the installation of industrial fans
  • Start-up activities
  • Revamping operations 
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Testing 
  • Diagnosis activities.


It also guarantees the supply of spare parts for any industrial fan.


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Research & Development

The Research & Development Division is focused on the constant search for optimised performance, the study of fan evolutions and the industrialization of new solutions. 

Our team of engineers uses the most advanced FEM, CFD technologies and modern testing rooms.


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