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Tunnel & Metro Solutions

Our axial and jet fans, reversible and one-directional, thanks to the most advanced technologies and the highest quality components, can be configured to satisfy all application needs, guaranteeing a wide range of performance.


Each fan is designed to achieve the maximum aerodynamic efficiency and is built to the highest quality standards to ensure reliable operation over the years to be suitable for smoke extraction in the event of fire.


The fans are tested and certified to the strictest international fire safety standards EN 12101-3 in order to operate up to 400°C/2h. The performance of the fans are certified by No-Bo, ensured by aeraulic tests in compliance with International Regulations (AMCA and ISO) in order to meet or exceed all the technical requirements of the project specifications.


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Our SCF fans

We produce different types of fan designed for Tunnel & Metro applications.


Series CBJET

  • Airfoil blade
  • Direct Driven
  • Axial jet fan for tunnels.
  • Thrust from 500 to 3,000N.
  • Flow rates up to 260,000 m3/h.  
  • Can be used as emergency fan for forced evacuation of smoke and heat.


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Series AXL

  • Airfoil blade
  • Direct coupling
  • Fan for ventilation of civil and industrial environments. 
  • Pressure up to 5,000 Pa and flow rates up to 830,000 m3/h. 
  • Axl series can be used as emergency fan for forced evacuation of smoke and heat.


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Custom tailor made

We are able to study and provide customized solutions for all specific needs.


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