Industrial Fans


The Industrial Division is specialised in providing the best industrial centrifugal and axial fans for your production facilities.


CBI Group is renowned for its vast offer of standard, robust centrifugal and axial fans for industrial applications. Our Industrial Division is highly specialised in responding effectively with the most severe demands in terms of performance, and efficiency.


Centrifugal Industrial Fans


Our centrifugal industrial fans are suitable for each application. They are designed to be temperature resistant, and power-efficient


CBI Group engineers and manufactures fans that are suitable for:

  • improving the overall circulation of your productive plant through effective air management;

  • enhancing efficiency and improving the operators' safety by seamlessly integrating in extraction plants for contaminants, fumes, vapours, and particulate matter removal;

  • performing better indoor and machinery cooling and extending the lifespan of your equipment.

Every model can be customised in order to provide high-end projects. Furthermore, CBI Group industrial centrifugal fans are fully compliant with ATEX regulations, ensuring their performance and safety even in the most challenging contexts.


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Axial Industrial Fans


Axial industrial fans are versatile devices managing air movement in ventilation systems. They are an ideal solution to cooling and air circulation in factories and warehouses where consistent airflow is essential for maintaining indoor air quality. Furthermore, they can be employed for preventing overheating and ensuring the operational efficiency of technical and technological machinery


CBI Group axial industrial fans are also suitable for explosive or hazardous environments, being compliant with ATEX regulations which ensure the full safety of our systems. 


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CBI Group Industrial Fan Solutions


CBI Group is committed to craft industrial fan solutions equipped to integrate in any facility. Whether you have size constraints, challenging environmental conditions, or efficiency standards, our experts will find the best system to enhance your working space. 

Our team of skilled professionals will listen to your demands in order to translate your project draft into a bespoke blower. At CBI Group, thanks to the most advanced software and analysis approaches - such as the Computational Fluid Dynamics and the Finite Element Method - we can predict potential fluctuations of the industrial fan performance over time and the interaction of every part of the system with air and pressure.


Custom Industrial Fan


From the selection of the most suitable material to blade and impeller’s design, CBI Group offers custom industrial fans. All our models are tailored to cater to your operational requirements, providing a vast range of customisation options to choose from, including:


  • Special coating for corrosion resistance 
  • Noise-reduction technology
  • Variable speed controls 
  • Different blade type based on the industrial application 
  • A specific fan impeller to regulate the rotatory movement of the blades 

Choosing a custom industrial blower by CBI Group, you will benefit from the experience of a leading company in the ventilation sector. Our mission is to accompany you in every step of the project, giving you transparent feedback and supporting you in case of troubleshooting with a competent post-sales assistance service.


CBI Group Is A Trustworthy Industrial Fan Manufacturer


As a leading industrial fan manufacturer, CBI Group has earned in-depth knowledge of the various demands of the market when it comes to ventilation technology. Thanks to a broad range of sophisticated solutions, and the unwavering work of our engineers, we have become a trusted partner for businesses seeking durable, high-performing air management customised fan solutions. 


Our centrifugal and axial blowers are specifically developed to deliver state-of-the-art machines that can lead to a tangible enhancement in the operators’ welfare as well as the productivity of your operational facilities. By opting for energy-efficient designs, CBI Group continues to lead the way providing reliable and innovative industrial fan solutions.


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Our products

CBI designs and produces highly innovative industrial fans

Custom tailor made

We are able to study and provide customized solutions for all specific needs.


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