Chemical Extractor Fan

CBI Group engineers and manufactures chemical extractor fans for the removal of harmful vapour, dust, particles, solvents and gases, as well as the ventilation of production facilities to improve air quality and circulation. 


In the chemical industry, ventilation plays a crucial role in maintaining facilities clean, ensuring the well-being of operators at work.


The Features Of Our Chemical Extractor Fans


Due to the corrosive nature of substances that can be found in production plants, blowers must be resistant to wear and tear, using high-grade stainless steel and advanced polymers for their construction. 


CBI Group has developed a series of chemical extractor fans which are capable of removing vapours and gases, as well as dust and particulate matter that could cause the production cycle to reduce its pace.


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CBI Group Fans For Chemical Ventilation 

Precision, safety, and efficiency - these are the pillars of our chemical ventilation systems. Choosing a CBI Group solution means selecting a golden standard for quality control and performance. Each blower is manufactured by putting undivided attention to every single detail, in order to deliver you the best chemical fan for your working environment.


This Is How We Work 

To design a chemical-resistant fan, it is important to select the right materials to ensure the sturdiness of the blower. 


FEM Analysis

Through an in-depth FEM analysis, our experts can predict how the fan will react to specific temperatures and stresses. Rotor dynamic is also taken into consideration.


CFD Assessment

Airflow interaction, the efficiency and fluid dynamics of the chemical fan are evaluated to have a clear understanding of the blower’s ventilation performance over the years.



In specific rooms compliant with the AMCA 210 and ISO 5801 standards, chemical extractor fans and ventilation system prototypes are tested. This phase is crucial in order to have an overview of how they deal with vibrations and high temperatures.


Final Product

Quality tests are run on the end product, as well. After the chemical fan has been installed, the CBI Group Service Division will support you, providing you with the assistance you need throughout the entire lifespan of your blower.



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Custom Chemical Extractor Fans

CBI Group provides customised solutions based on specific demands and applications. If you are looking for a chemical extractor fan with certain operational requirements, arrange a meeting with our experts to discuss your project thoroughly.


Talk with our team of highly skilled engineers to turn your project into the blower you are looking for. They will listen to all your specifications to craft a tailor-made fan that matches your requests. 


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The CBI Divisions specialize in offering specific and customized products and services. Learn more about our Divisions.

Heavy Duty

The Heavy Duty division is focused on robust, high-strength solutions, designed to tackle the most demanding applications.


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The Industrial division, thanks to a wide range of standard products, is focused on providing you with the best solutions for your industrial processes.


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The Engineering division, through a know-how gained in over 60 years, is able to design and produce customized industrial centrigufal and axial fans for any of your needs.


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The Infrastructure division is focused on providing you with the best solutions for the specific needs of the infrastructure world.


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Service, Spares & Maintenance

The Service division is focused on providing qualified assistance services for the installation and start-up of industrial fans, revamping services, reverse engineering services, testing and diagnosis activities.

It also guarantees the supply of spare parts for any industrial fan.


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Research & Development

The Research & Development division is focused on the constant search for optimized performance, the study of product evolutions and the industrialization of new solutions. 


Our team of engineers uses the most advanced FEM, CFD technologies and modern testing rooms.


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