Nuclear Fans

These industrial fans are the ideal solution for different operations, such as reactor cooling, plant ventilation, radioactive gas extraction, and nuclear fuel cooling.


Nuclear facilities require a reliable ventilation system to meet specific operational benchmarks. For this reason, an effective nuclear fan technology becomes instrumental in order to be compliant with the stringent standards of the industry and implement measures to preserve the health of the whole plant

Discover how CBI advanced solutions can help you in dealing with daily maintenance and challenges that may rise whilst keeping a high level of safety, and precision.


The new frontiers of nuclear ventilation 

In the innovative realm of nuclear ventilation, the role of nuclear fans is pivotal. These fans are not just components; they are guardians of safety and efficiency in nuclear facilities.


Reactor Cooling

This is a critical process where nuclear fans are actively engaged in maintaining optimal temperatures, ensuring the correct functioning of reactors even in the event of an accident. These ventilation systems are designed to handle the intense heat and preserve a stable environment.


Plant Ventilation

In the energy sector, plants never stop working as they need to provide the right amount of electricity at all times. CBI advanced nuclear ventilation systems are ideal to ensure machine-efficiency, and the welfare of the personnel even through continuous production cycles.



Radioactive Gas Extraction

In the nuclear industry, operators’ deal with radioactive gases. Nuclear fans can be useful to safely extract, and manage these gases in order to prevent contamination.


Nuclear Fuel Cooling

Risk-management is a highly important activity as nuclear ventilation is at the heart of fuel cooling. This is why it is important to keep reactors from overheating to guarantee the plant’s circulation and prevent accidents


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Custom Nuclear Fans


CBI provides customised solutions based on certain demands and applications. If you are looking for a nuclear fan with specific operational requirements, arrange a meeting with our experts to discuss your project thoroughly. 


At CBI, our custom nuclear fan design process starts from your needs. We will work with you to outline the standards, and the applications of your ventilation system, taking into consideration:


  • The nuclear facility
  • The fan location
  • Airflow and pressure rate
  • Environmental conditions
  • Any other relevant factors.



Once these aspects are defined, the design process begins. Thanks to our expertise and experience, we will craft your tailor-made nuclear fan with all the specifications highlighted during the first interview


When we approach the production of custom nuclear ventilation systems, we adopt a series of best practices, such as: 


  • Selecting only the finest and most resistant materials
  • Testing every component of the fan
  • Checking the performance of the fan in specific applications and contexts
  • Verifying it is compliant with safety standards.


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The CBI Divisions specialise in offering specific and customised nuclear fans and services. Learn more about our Divisions.


Heavy Duty

The Heavy Duty Division is focused on robust, high-strength, and intensive fan solutions, designed to tackle the most demanding applications.


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The Industrial Division, thanks to a wide range of standard ventilation products, is focused on providing you with the best solutions for your industrial processes.


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The Engineering Division, through a know-how gained in over 60 years, is able to design and manufacture customised industrial centrifugal and axial fans for any of your needs.


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The Infrastructure Division can provide you the most performing ventilation solutions to meet the high standards of the infrastructure sector. 


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Service, Spares & Maintenance

The Service Division is focused on providing qualified assistance services, including:


  • Support in the installation of industrial fans
  • Start-up activities
  • Revamping operations
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Testing
  • Diagnosis activities.


It also guarantees the supply of spare parts for any industrial fan.


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Research & Development

The Research & Development Division is focused on the constant search for optimised performance, the study of fan evolutions and the industrialisation of new solutions. 


Our team of engineers uses the most advanced FEM, CFD technologies and modern testing rooms.


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