Industrial fans for: engine room ventilation, fume extraction, cabin ventilation, temperature control

Custom tailor made

We are able to study and provide customized solutions for all specific needs.


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The CBI Divisions specialize in offering specific and customized products and services. Learn more about our Divisions.

Heavy Duty

The Heavy Duty division is focused on robust, high-strength solutions, designed to tackle the most demanding applications.


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The Industrial division, thanks to a wide range of standard products, is focused on providing you with the best solutions for your industrial processes.


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The Engineering division, through a know-how gained in over 60 years, is able to design and produce customized industrial centrigufal and axial fans for any of your needs.


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The Infrastructure division is focused on providing you with the best solutions for the specific needs of the infrastructure world.


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Service, Spares & Maintenance

The Service division is focused on providing qualified assistance services for the installation and start-up of industrial fans, revamping services, reverse engineering services, testing and diagnosis activities.

It also guarantees the supply of spare parts for any industrial fan.


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Research & Development

The Research & Development division is focused on the constant search for optimized performance, the study of product evolutions and the industrialization of new solutions. 


Our team of engineers uses the most advanced FEM, CFD technologies and modern testing rooms.


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