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Installation & Commissioning

We provide our customers with complete assistance for the turnkey installation of every type of fan and related accessories, guaranteeing the correct execution of the work on site.

In the industrial world, efficiency and safety are crucial.


By choosing our services, we guarantee you complete and reliable assistance for the turnkey installation of every type of fan and its related accessories. We commit to executing onsite work with precision and expertise, meticulously supervising each phase of the assembly process and providing dedicated assistance during startup and commissioning.


Our services extend beyond simple installation. They are specifically designed to ensure that your fans operate at their peak performance, prolonging their lifespan and minimizing machine downtime.


With our assistance, you can rely on a dependable and high-performing ventilation system, ensuring smooth workflow and maximizing productivity for your business.


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Our Services Include:

  1. Consultation and Design:

    • Analysis of the specific needs of the client.
    • Development of customized solutions for every type of industrial environment.
    • Assistance in selecting the most suitable fan for your operational needs.
  2. Professional Installation:

    • Precise and safe installation of fans, adhering to all safety regulations.
    • Use of state-of-the-art equipment to ensure efficient and durable installation.
    • Verification and calibration of components to ensure maximum performance.
  3. Commissioning and Testing:

    • Comprehensive functional testing to verify the fan operates correctly.
    • Monitoring initial performance to identify and resolve any issues.

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